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YELLOW’s vision is to cultivate a Community of critically conscious thinkers who see themselves and the world through the Lens of Possibility. We do this through the ecosystem of our five intersecting priorities: Abolish Remedial, Revolutionize Teaching, Nourish Youth, Inspire Entrepreneurship, and Enlist Communities.


The YELLOW Lens of Possibility is an ideology, a set of tools and practices, and a mindset. As an ideology, it believes that the qualities that make us different are what make us outstanding. As a set of tools and practices in our programming, it works to help educators and other adults uncover those differences and build upon them for an educational experience that is personal and meaningful. And as a mindset, the YELLOW Lens is a prism of possibility through which we all view ourselves, the world, and our futures.


Cisco x YELLOW

Driven by its mission to secure an inclusive future for all, Cisco is partnering with multiple Grammy award-winning musician, producer, entrepreneur and philanthropist Pharrell Williams to provide technology centered around connectivity, collaboration, and security at Williams’ school, YELLOWHAB. Learn more about Cisco x YELLOW HERE.

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