An education that celebrates possibility at every touchpoint in a uniquely immersive school experience.


YELLOWHAB, an immersive educational environment that sparks imagination and orbits the child with an ecosystem approach. YELLOWHAB is the first of a network of micro-schools that provides our learners with the opportunity to connect their learning to real-world challenges and across curriculum. Our personalized framework knits together transformative learning opportunities at school, at home, and in the community.

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Where is YELLOWHAB Located?

The first YELLOWHAB is located in Norfolk, Virginia and serves elementary-aged children in an all-day educational program.

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What is the YELLOWHAB Approach?

Learning at YELLOWHAB is an adventure. Each day is purposeful as children confront problems to solve, discoveries to make, and endeavors to accomplish. Our model is designed to meet kids where they are and encourage them to uncover their strengths and thrive.

Child at the Center

We put children at the center of everything we do, with all touchpoints orbiting their unique strengths. Our program creates learning journeys that focus on the mastery of foundational knowledge, eliminating learning gaps and harmful labels towards ensuring all children are prepared to thrive in school and life. Our educators use new tools and assessments that support customized pathways, so we can celebrate children’s differences and encourage the development of their unique aptitudes, interests, and motivations.

Work the Problem

A quote attributed to NASA Flight Director, Gene Kranz, “work the problem” embodies YELLOW’s approach to facing challenges and solving problems with a combination of creativity and rigor. Students at YELLOWHAB are taught to explore and frame problems with understanding and optimism, and work toward solutions with a balance between divergent thinking and disciplined execution. It’s an approach practiced each day by adults and children at YELLOWHAB, and applied to every challenge encountered in school and life.


We believe it takes a community to raise a child, and this core value has been an essential element of YELLOW’s approach to unlocking possibility. We empower and activate local communities to wrap around children and their families, providing a host of services and supports including health care and restorative practices, legal assistance, and job training. Through family workshops and engagement events, we invite community members to participate in the YELLOWHAB experience.


A. The school operated by YELLOW Work Inc., a Delaware nonprofit corporation (the “School”), admits students of any race, color, national and ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the School. It does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national or ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, admissions policies, scholarship and loan programs, and athletic and other School-administered programs.

B. Statement of Policy. In accordance with the Internal Revenue Code, the Regulations thereunder, and IRS Revenue Procedure 75-50, the School shall include a statement of its racially nondiscriminatory policy as to students in all its brochures and catalogues dealing with student admissions, programs, and scholarships in a manner substantially similar to Paragraph A above. Further, the School shall include a reference to its racially nondiscriminatory policy in other written advertising that it uses as a means of informing prospective students of its programs in compliance Section 4.02 of IRS Revenue Procedure 75-50.

C. Publicity. In accordance with the Internal Revenue Code, the Regulations thereunder, and IRS Revenue Procedures 75-50 and 2019-22, the School shall display, in accordance with the formatting requirements of Section 4.03.1(c) of IRS Revenue Procedure 75-50, as modified by IRS Revenue Procedure 2019-22, a notice of its racially nondiscriminatory policy on its primary publicly accessible Internet homepage at all times during its taxable year (excluding temporary outages due to website maintenance or technical problems) in a manner reasonably be expected.


The academic year runs from September 7th, 2021 to June 17, 2022.

The first YELLOWHAB will serve rising 3rd, 4th and 5th graders.

YELLOWHAB's operating schedule is Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM until 4:00 PM. The formal school day begins at 8:30 AM and ends at 3:30 PM.

YELLOWHAB partners with local organizations to provide before and after care for enrolled families.

YELLOWHAB is an independent school that is privately funded. It was created to serve children who would thrive in an environment with a more personal, future-forward approach to teaching that celebrates difference and unlocks possibility. Currently, tuition for all YELLOWHAB students is waived.

Though YELLOWHAB is an independent school and can operate without a specific enrollment zone, the first YELLOWHAB campus will serve families within the boundaries of the Norfolk Public School District.

No. Enrollment will not involve student interviews. We want all community members to feel welcome and prospective students who meet the basic requirements for admission are eligible to attend, subject to lottery selection.

YELLOWHAB will provide an educational experience tailored to the unique strengths and interests of your child, with a focus on creating immersive learning that is hands-on and project-based.

YELLOWHAB is designed to provide each child with a highly personalized education. This happens in every aspect of our school, but starts in a program we call CREW. All students are in a CREW of ten children matched with one adult lead (CREW Leader), who helps each child navigate their learning journey at YELLOWHAB. Throughout their day, every child will also have the opportunity to connect with multiple teachers and community leaders, each with a different specialty to ensure all children have access to opportunities for engaged learning across the curriculum.

Yes. Nourishing youth, in body and mind, is a priority of YELLOW. Therefore, a nutritious breakfast and lunch, as well as snacks, are provided to all students.

YELLOWHAB is a 1:1 campus, which means we use technology as a tool for learning and every child has access to the technology and tools they need both in and out of school.

No. Children will be using technology as a learning tool daily, but children will not be doing screen-based tasks all day long by themselves. Collaboration with teachers and other students is essential to our program, and students and teachers will use electronic devices when appropriate for a given situation. We don't just use technology because it's there; we use it to make learning meaningful, contextual and relevant.

YELLOWHAB focuses on measuring progress in learning, not in computing a grade. This is because grading students is not equivalent to educating youth. We all know students who are labeled “behind” or “remedial,” when in truth they have not been engaged in the content or taught in a method that works for them. We also all know students who progress without really learning just because they meet minimum requirements. At YELLOWHAB, our goal is to engage students in deeper learning and unlock their possibility every day.

Our students will be encountering many exciting and challenging learning experiences during the school day, and we believe that much of their learning will happen in this collaborative environment. More than following the norms of grades and homework, our hope is that children become so passionate about topics that they choose to continue their own learning at home just because they are excited to gain new knowledge. Many YELLOWHAB projects will tap into a child’s interests and so it wouldn’t be surprising to see them bring their work home by choice!

Because the education at YELLOWHAB is tailored, it means every child will receive the help they need, whether that is support to address areas in which they are struggling, or support to help them advance more quickly in areas that resonate.

Absolutely! We plan to engage parents and our community in the YELLOWHAB experience. We would love to have volunteers share their SUPERPOWERS (areas of expertise) with YELLOWHAB students, and we look forward to having you join our community of volunteers. Sign up here.

YELLOWHAB will work with local organizations to offer a variety of recreational and extra curricular activities. We will offer wellbeing programs and a variety of physical activities throughout the school day.

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