Why Yellow


For me, life always comes back to the color YELLOW. It’s always been there — often unexpectedly, but always appropriately — and my connection is strong. It always made sense.

It's clear to me that YELLOW is more than a color: it’s a feeling, it’s a mindset, and it’s the lens of possibility through which we must view the future and through which the youth must view themselves and the world.

YELLOW is the color of our day star, the sun. It's within and above, fueling us.

YELLOW is the color of illumination. A fully illuminated problem is one most easily solved.

YELLOW is the color of curiosity. A curious child asks questions without fear.

YELLOW is the color of original thought. Fresh ideas inspire new actions and new outcomes.

YELLOW is the color of knowledge and creativity. These are the building blocks of human progress.

And yes, YELLOW is also the color of caution, a warning sign that the resources necessary to help children thrive are not always distributed evenly across the educational opportunities of each generation.

That is not only a disservice to the individual, but to humanity. Equality is essential. We cannot rely on the privileged few to ensure our viability. We need to harness the potential of everyone to light our path forward. Together, we must embrace the boldness of YELLOW and spark change.

YELLOW is the answer to a brighter future.


“Go inward, so that you can
go onward and then upward”
Pharrell Williams
Art Directed by Bo J.
Karsynn Washington3
Art Directed by Karsynn W.
We Put Youth at the Center
Cleo taken by Mars 3
Cleo S. by Mars S.


We put youth at the center and surround them with the support they need, preparing them with skills and mindsets to help them thrive.


We reconnect adults to the joy in learning and how instruction is delivered in ways that honor educator mastery.

Bishop S. Eggs
Art Directed by Bishop S.


We empower, connect, and enlist the community — families, teachers, neighbors, and leaders — to support, surround, and uplift children.

Art Directed by Collette S.