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We focus on five key priorities to transform education and teach for the future.

Abolish Remedial

“Remedial” is an oppressive concept that penalizes individuality and difference, so we work to change the lens through which schools and systems look at children, and the way children look at themselves and their futures.
Scout B. by Milo B.
Milo B. by Scout B.

Revolutionize Teaching

Valuing the professional skills, knowledge and experiences of educators in ways that create space for authentic agency in developing learning environments. Reconnect to joy in adult learning and how instruction is delivered in ways that honor their mastery.

Inspire Entrepreneurship

We prepare children to be innovators and change-makers, and help them bring their ideas to life. Working with industry leaders and promoting skills aligned to the future, YELLOW creates entrepreneurial pathways for all youth.
Art Directed by Bo J.
Art Directed by Dillon Y. and Bishop S.

Nourish Youth

Social, emotional and physical well-being represent the most critical building blocks for learning. This includes what we eat, how we breathe, who we love — and our ecosystem approach will serve the comprehensive well-being of children and families.

Enlist Communities

The community is an ecosystem of interconnected people, services, institutions, and values that can work together to lift up children and each other.
Art Directed by Zoe A. and Sophie A.
YELLOW is going to make sure we do this work in whole… We will wrap our arms around kids to ensure that no one misses out. That is what it means to EVEN THE ODDS.
Stacey Owsley — Interim Executive Director, YELLOW
Art Directed by Bastien S.



We look at kids through the YELLOW Lens of possibility

The YELLOW Lens of Possibility is an ideology, a set of tools and practices, and a mindset. As an ideology, it believes that the qualities that make children different are what make them outstanding. As a set of tools and practices, it works to help educators and other adults uncover those differences and build upon them for an educational experience that is personal and meaningful.
And as a mindset, the YELLOW Lens is a prism of possibility through which children view themselves, the world, and their futures.
“All flowers bloom
Zoe A. by Sophia A.
just not at the same time”
Dr. Williams
“All flowers bloom
just not at the same time”